Vehicle Door Magnet

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Vehicle magnet (Reflective and Non-reflective). Made of 0.9mm thick high-grade magnetic base.

Non-reflective magnet is recommended for use on general-use vehicles (non-worksite vehicles). 

Reflective magnet is recommended for worksite vehicles that require a high level of visibility. Usually used for purpose of Call I.D Signs, Site Number Signs on Worksite Vehicles.

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Supplied with 0.9mm thick rubber magnetic base(CMYK printed and overlaminated)
CMYK printed and overlaminated SElf Adhesive Vinyl sticker pasted on magnetic sheet.
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Vehicle Door Magnet

Vehicle door magnet is also known as Car Door Magnet, Vehicle Advertising Magnet, Car Magnet, Call Id Magnet, Vehicle Magnetic Sign etc.

Vehicle door magnet is a versatile and temporary signage solution for businesses and individuals who want to promote their brand or convey a message on their vehicles. These magnets are specifically designed to adhere securely to the doors of cars, trucks, vans, or any other metal surface.

Banner House is a leading supplier of high quality Vehicle door magnets across Australia at affordable prices.

Vehicle door magnets are Customizable: They can be fully customized to display your logo, business name, contact information, or any other desired design.

Easy Installation: Vehicle door magnets are designed for easy installation and removal.

Durability: High-quality vehicle door magnets are made from weather-resistant materials that can withstand various environmental conditions.

Versatility: Vehicle door magnets are not limited to commercial purposes.

Cost-effective: Compared to other vehicle signage options like vehicle wraps or permanent decals, door magnets are a more cost-effective choice. They offer a budget-friendly solution for those who want to advertise their business or personalize their vehicles without a significant financial investment.

Whether you are a business owner looking to advertise your services or an individual wanting to add a personal touch to your vehicle, vehicle door magnets provide a flexible and removable signage solution that combines convenience, visibility, and affordability.

Warning: This product is not intended/suitable for vehicles with paint protection.

Note: The Listed Price is for single magnet.

For use in General Business and Worksite Vehicles (Please read the description of both Reflective and Non-reflective magnets given separately below)

General  Use Vehicle door Magnets or Vehicle Identification Signs - Non-Reflective  (Recommended for Non-Worksite Vehicles)

  • Non-reflective vehicle door magnets are recommended for use on general-use non-worksite vehicles.  Vehicle door magnets are an efficient and effective way of converting your vehicle into a dedicated marketing tool that advertises your brand everywhere you go!.
  • Our vehicle door magnets are printed and are gloss laminate and have a base of .9mm thick magnetic material. to ensure they will stay in your car and last as long as possible.
  • Our Car door magnets are easy to apply when required and easy to remove when not required.
  • By using the vehicle door magnets, the risk of damaging the vehicle paint is minimized as compared to the use of self-adhesive stickers.
  • Vehicle door magnets at the Banner House are durable in changing weather conditions. Wind tested, waterproof, and UV proof.

Reflective Car Door Magnets  (Recommended for Worksite Vehicles)

  • Reflective Car Door Magnets are commonly used for Call I.D Signs, Site Number Signs on Worksite Vehicles.
  • Our reflective car door magnets are made of 3M Diamond grade reflective vinyl and have a base of .9mm thick magnetic material.
  • Our diamond-grade reflective vehicle magnets are best suited for worksite vehicles such as mining, construction, etc. that require high levels of reflection.
  • Easy to apply when required and easy to remove when not required.
  • By using the vehicle magnets, the risk of damaging the vehicle paint is minimized as compared to the use of self-adhesive stickers.
  • Durability in changing weather conditions. Wind tested, waterproof, UV proof.
  • Attention: Banner House highly recommends that you independently check your local government restrictions to ensure that any reflective magnet product fits any road or work use requirements before placing an order with us.

We also supply non-magnetic diamond-grade reflective strips, tapes (self-adhesive stickers), and Advertising ACM Panels for UTE trays.

Our design team can help with any custom design. Please contact our friendly staff for any custom design and other queries options

For any custom quotes and queries, Please contact us through any below methods.

MOBILE – +61 460 720 991
WhatsApp – +61 460 720 991
Landline- +61 8 6114 7420
LIVE CHAT support on our website
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18 reviews for Vehicle Door Magnet

  1. Chris

    Brilliant quality sign, it was perfect. Well packaged for delivery and now is on my van! Thankyou

  2. Falevi

    Excellent product, and the delivery was fast. As soon as I received my signs, I placed in my car. Really happy with the whole process.

  3. Max Clarke

    Excellent quality magnet! Highly recommend

  4. Archer

    Extremely impressed with the magnets!

  5. Mason

    Perfect for personal and professional use!

  6. Edward

    Clarity and color are both excellent, Economically priced!

  7. Reuben

    Very easy to install and remove!

  8. Michael

    Fantastic magnets!

  9. Austim

    Very happy with the quality of magnets!!

  10. Brody

    Made perfectly and shipped fast! Thanks

  11. Matari

    Perfect! Highly recommended!

  12. Barwon

    Excellent Magnets! Great service!

  13. Arlo

    Ordering was quick and easy. Very happy with the quality of the magnets I ordered!

  14. Didge


  15. Mack

    The sign was of great quality. The color and letters looks great. Will definitely buy again.

  16. Didge

    Excellent and fast customer service! Thank you Banner House!

  17. Luca

    Exceptional quality! highly recommended!

  18. William

    I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the magnets! Thank you Banner House

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