Self Adhesive Stickers (Recommended For Non Mining Vehicles)

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How would you like to design your Self Adhesive Stickers (Recommended For Non Mining Vehicles)

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  • - Have your own designer

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Banner House produces high quality of vinyl stickers that are printed on high quality vinyl material by our state of art Roland printers. Most of our vinyl stickers are laminated to protect the printed vinyl from Ultra Violet rays and extreme temperatures and add additional life to the vinyl. Our printed and laminated vinyl can last from 3-5 years depending on its use whether internal or external or the conditions the vinyl is placed in. However the vinyl are subject to damage if exposed to excess temperatures , wind, rain or any other physical tampering.

Printed Vinyl stickers may be used in advertising and other multiple usage depending upon the needs of the customers. The printed vinyl are recommended to be pasted on glass, Aluminium composite sheets, corflute, Acrylic sheet that are clean and clear from dust, grease or any pre existing pastings or stickers. Our printed vinyls are not intended to be used on floor, wood or any other materials other than as listed in the recommended material.

WARNING: It is highly recommended that any vinyl pasting is done by a professional signwriter or following the strict guidelines of pasting the vinyl. Banner House does not hold any responsibility if the vinyl is used for any other purpose other than signage displays. or advertising on the recommended materials as listed above. The vinyls must be kept away from children and is to be only installed by an adult or professional.

Vinyl stickers can be printed as per customised sizes depending on the needs of the customers and the capacity of the Banner House. For any custom sized vinyl sticker, please contact our staff.

Step by Step ordering process

  1. Select size from above dropdown menu (step 1).
  2. Mention any specific instructions regarding order (step 2).
  3. Click on the step 3 button to upload artwork/create new design/edit our templates.

Important Instructions to use our online Design tool (Customers are recommended to read the instructions below before using the online design tool).

Banner House offers its customers to choose from our range of templates. Once prompted in online design tool, follow the instructions below.

  1. Choosing Template: Please select any template appearing on the left side panel.
  2. Default Size: All our vinyl sticker designs are set on default dimensions of 2400mm width and 250mm height.
  3. Adjusting the template: When choosing other default sizes other than the default size of 2400mm X 250mm, customers may notice that the design template appears to be trimmed on sides. To adjust the design, select the background by clicking on the background. Then right click where customer will see range of options to adjust the design as per custom dimensions. Click on “Fit to width” or “Fit to height” or “Stretch” to adjust the template as per required dimensions.
  4. Customising Text: Double click on the text to customise. Once the text is selected, text properties appear on the above panel. Text can also be repositioned by simply clicking on the text and dragging to required location.
  5. Other Features: Customers can further customise the templates by selecting and adding from various categories of cliparts. Customers can add photos from range of upload sources. Shapes can also be added from the left panel of online design tool.


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